Get To Know Me


AJB4 is a hip hop artist and film director from Chattanooga, TN that has been making music since the year 2008. He grew up in the church and all over the world because his father was a chaplain in the military. AJB4, his cousin, and his brothers started creating rap songs for devotions at their church in 2008 when they were given the role as junior deacons. Although, faced with lots of opposition this turned into something even bigger with them creating the group 3A3B.

In the year 2020 AJB4 released the faith based short film Ain't God Alright that he wrote and co-directed. He also released a soundtrack album alongside the film.


Now AJB4 has put out over 10 solo projects by the year 2022 and plans to put out more. His influences in music are Lecrae, Winans Phase 2, Charles Hamilton and many more. AJB4 says his main goals are to make good positive entertainment, praise God, keep it real, and share experiences in his life.