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Get To Know Me

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AJB4 (Andrew J. Bullard IV) is an multi-award winning hip hop artist and filmmaker from Chattanooga, TN.  Through music and film, AJB4’s vision is to provide entertainment that will inspire, uplift, and bring people to Christ. AJB4 has been making music since the year 2008. Son of a military chaplain, he grew up in the church and all over the world. With his brothers and cousins, AJB4 started creating rap songs for devotions at their church in their roles as junior deacons. Although faced with lots of opposition this led to them creating the group 3A3B.

In the year 2010 AJB4 released his first solo project called “How I Feel” and since has released over 10 solo music projects. AJB4 has had songs featured on WJTT Power 94 as well as several online radio stations. He’s worked with other successful hip hop artists such as JellyRoll, Von Won & more. 

After being challenged by a family member to get into the world of filmmaking AJB4 co-directed, wrote and starred in his first faith-based short film Ain’t God Alright. He also released an award-winning soundtrack alongside the film. After receiving many accolades for the film and soundtrack, AJB4 decided to continue on this path by directing, writing, and starring in his first feature length film. In 2022 AJB4 released the buddy-cop comedy film Access Control which he also released with an accompanying soundtrack. 

AJB4 continues to receive accolades for both film and music both locally and abroad and will continue to create entertainment that inspire, uplift, and bring people to Christ.

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