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New song "Crazy, Taken, Or Got Kids" coming Monday

Hey guys!! Just wanted to tell you I have a new record dropping Monday titled "Crazy, Taken, Or Got Kids (Or All The Above)" here's the cover art right here.


Really hope you enjoy it and that you share it with somebody else. By the way for all the women out there that might have been called crazy before or have kids I am not trying to put you down. I just want to paint a picture of my experiences with dating. There's a lot of good women out there that have kids and we're all a little crazy if we admit it. But just wait for the song on Monday. I'm working on the new project right now and I got a lot of surprises in store if you want to be apart of anything (like one my videos) just hit me up on twitter @AJB4 or Facebook

Also if you missed my radio interview the other day you can check it out at this link

I believe it starts around the 1:47:22 mark

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