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New Song "They Assume" Coming Soon

AJB4 - They Assume cover (sean).jpg

I've got a new track coming out pretty soon called "They Assume" (I'm saying pretty soon because I'm not sure when I'll drop it maybe tonight maybe next week lol). The track is produced by RoBoT BoY who I've worked with before on Summer Vibes and Nice Guy Wins.

I don't think I knew what this song was turning into when I wrote it. The first draft of the song was only with 1 verse and the chorus. In the song I'm really touching on dealing with depression and loneliness. When I let one of my friends here the song he was like "That's a great song! But that's it?!! You have to put another verse on it!" But the beat was only long enough for me to put 1 verse on it. So I asked RoBoT BoY to hook me up with an extended version and he had already had one for the song. So I was able to add another verse and make this really come to life.

I pray that this song will help people that deal with depression and thoughts of committing suicide. I know some people are afraid to talk about stuff like this but at the end of the day it is not about me. When I put this song out be sure to listen to it and share it with someone that might need the message. Remember that God made you and He cares about you even when nobody else does. He's all you need.

Also I made the cover art myself! But my sister took the picture for me (Thanks Andrea)! But I wanted to really capture what the song is about and what it feels like. BTW I think I know what this album is going to be called now. Right now I'm going with Distress Signals From The Basement.

God Bless!! -AJB4

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